JCI - Hospital Accreditation

JCI is an accreditation offered to the hospitals serving excellent service in health care sector. It is expanded as Joint Commission International. The accreditation issued by JCAHO, a not-for-profit organization evaluates and provide accreditation to health-care organization in the United States. It aims at the development, implementation and improvement of a unique health cultural within the health-care sector.

The accreditation offered to the hospitals as a JCI accredited will enable the establishment of an international standard that serves the patients with quality care and efficacy of the health care system. It assures patient about the quality of service; medication offered under certified practitioners. It is one of the highest standards in USA to offer the quality patient care.

JCI-Hospital accreditation is applicable for all healthcare organization including clinics, primary care centers, and health systems. Apart from USA region JCI provides accreditation to hospital present in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and South America regions. Because of effective guidelines included for the implementation of the healthcare services JCI is increasing its presence across the world.

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